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Sources and Subject Matter Experts for the Don't Name Them campaign


Dr. J. Pete Blair is the Executive Director of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training center (ALERRT) at Texas State University. He is a world renowned expert on active shooter events and has published numerous books, articles, and reports on the topic. He has also presented his research on active shooter events to the FBI, PERF, police chiefs’ organizations, and internationally.

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John-Michael Keyes: On September 27th, 2006 a gunman entered Platte Canyon High School, held seven girls hostage and ultimately shot and killed Emily Keyes. Her father, John-Michael Keyes created the nationally renown I Love U Guys® Foundation, and has delivered keynotes at national and regional conferences across the country for Law Enforcement, Media, Educators, First Responders, Victim Advocates and Communities.

Rick Smith has been the Chief of Police  for the Marysville (WA) Police Department for the past 8 years. He is a 27 year veteran who has dealt with many critical incidents throughout his career to include the October 24, 2014 school shooting in Marysville where 5 victims were shot, 4 died. Chief Smith has a Master’s Degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Oklahoma and seeks to lead through innovation.

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